Empowering doctors at the point-of-care.

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The 'Smart Health' Solution

SmartHealth Suite is an AI platform to capture, store, use, and re-use ’meaningful data’ to deliver superior clinical and administrative outcomes.
Smart EHR
Progressive, SNOMED CT-integrated patient records, available at point-of-care across time and locations. We map the digital footprint of individual patients through the process - from treatment to outcomes.
Strategic Management Dashboard
Custom analytics to help management with key decisions. Key elements - patient profiling and progress, and treatment protocols - made available. Allows for strategic and day-to-day management and growth.
Patient Engagement Module
Making patients the first choice for care and well-being. Ensuring the patient benefits from the best utilization of cross-referrals, diagnostics, and support services. The patient also get connected to multiple levels of care.
Research and Publication Tool
Aimed at Clinicians and Practitioners to foster learning through exploration of available data, leading to better patient care. Exploring dynamic clinical correlations, analysis of patient care, efficacy of treatment protocols.

One patient. One health record.

A platform that delivers clinical and business benefits from patient records, across settings, across time.

Empowering doctors

All these benefits without taking time away from doctor–patient interaction.

1. Dynamic PHR

Information on past visits, investigation results, treatments, and more available at point-of-care.

2. Better connect with patients

Data for asking the right questions and getting the right answers from the patient.

3. Learning for better outcomes

Dynamically mapping the single patient to similar patients to enable preventive care management.

4. Access to expertise

Providing connects to EBM sites and Clinical Decision Support.

5. Save time

Saving valuable clinical time for patient care which coding eats into. With SmartHealth, coding is embedded in the process.

Empowering patients

Patients benefit significantly and are better engaged with the care provider.

1. Accuracy of diagnosis

Accurate first-time diagnosis. No hassle of repeated diagnostic tests and treatments.

2. Improved Disease Management

Better management of complex/chronic diseases. Enhanced efficiency of care and coordination.

3. Long-term health

Predictive/Preventive care recommendations for patient's long-term health, not just topical care.

4. Interventions - Quality of Life

Clearer insights and plans to improve behaviour for sustained high quality of health and life.

5. Care experience

In terms of time spent and remote assistance. Proactive care provided.

Empowering Healthcare Service Providers.

  • Improved patient engagement - quicker, efficient, and accurate.
  • Improve patient compliance on cross-referral and follow-up.
  • Accurate tracking of prescriptions and documents.
  • Reduced likelihood of inadvertent errors in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Improve patient utilization of services (Pharmacy/Lab/Nutritional Counselling/ Wellness Clinics).
  • Improved doctor productivity. More clinical face time.
  • Better continuity of care between departments and doctors.
  • More research papers and recognition. Time for a paper reduced by months.
  • Better resource planning, realignment of processes and treatment protocols.
  • Improved doctor efficiency. Less time spent on repetitive documentation and admin work.
  • Clinical documentation improvement
  • Simplify regulatory compliance process
  • Insurance claims documentation
  • Real-time internal clinical audits
  • Accreditation compliance

We are a ‘team’ of multi-disciplinary collaborators
working together to transform healthcare with Deep Analytics.

At SmartHealth, we believe that the company culture is, not at all, a mechanical engineering process. It is much more akin to gardening because a company is a living organism and not a machine. In other words, if we get the conditions and the environment right at SmartHealth then all of us – employees, management and shareholders alike – can flourish and bloom.

We passionately believe that the intelligence of the collective is much more than the intelligence of the management team.



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